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On New Beginnings

It’s been a long semester for me, but thankfully I’m home for Christmas! As much as I’f love to throw my assignments out the window for three weeks and hibernate, I have plenty of essays and exams due when I get back to campus. So, this break is going to be half getting myself back together and relaxing, half prepping for the new year.

Fall has been a rough couple of months, honestly. After starting on antidepressants at the beginning of the semester, I expected life to get magically easier (hint: that’s not how antidepressants work). Ups and downs still happen, schoolwork is still hard, and relationships are still malleable. I had several assignments that I stayed up all night working on come back with bad grades, had to change therapists a few times, and struggled with fitting in on campus. I’m hoping that in the new year I’ll realize that I can’t change my surroundings, but I can change how I view them.

I only arrived home yesterday, but I’m already starting the process of relaxing and re-inspiring myself. My mom handed me the book in the photo today, and reading about women who have worked their way out of rough times is always inspiring. I’m also wrapping presents for the family and cutting out some sewing projects! Doing something with my hands has always been a great anti-anxiety for me. Being able to detox and relax has become such a luxury, and I’m looking forward to indulging a bit!

As we approach the new year (and the new semester), I have some goals. I know that nothing actually changes in a new year or semester, but there’s something inspiring in fresh starts. So here’s some self care/self improvement hopes for the future:

  • Do my schoolwork for knowledge, not grades
  • Set aside an hour a day for self-care
  • Make my friends a priority in my life
  • Journal once a day
  • Drink less coffee and more tea (bye caffeine)

This blog is also one of the ways that I hope to begin anew. I’ve has some experience now juggling academia and mental illness that I might as well share what I’ve learned. I’m hoping that Lipstick and Ink can exist as a resource for myself and the people it reaches. I’m looking forward to this new journey!