Pride and Fear

There’s a fear that I feel in the middle of a Pride parade that I’ve never felt anywhere else. It comes on slowly, after the high of the crowd wears off. I begin watching the eyes of spectators suspiciously, curling in on myself. I feel an anxiety and self consciousness that I haven’t experience since […]

The Girl with the Cat Tattoo

I’ve cemented my position as a crazy cat lady at the tender age of 20 with an enormous cat tattoo. To preemptively answer some questions: By huge I mean 10 inches x 8 inches I sat for 4.5 hours Yes, it’s my first Yes, it hurt like holy hell The incredible artist was Christy Alexander […]

On Imposter Syndrome

I had never heard of imposter syndrome when this photo was taken. I had just arrived at Princeton Preview to see what my future campus would be like and I was so excited. I didn’t hear the phrase imposter syndrome until I attended freshman orientation and heard the term repeated over and over. Said by […]

A New Internship and a New Perspective

The first day of a new job is always rough. From trying to parse out what that written job description actually entails on a day to day basis to figuring out where the kitchen is, the whole thing is confusing. I had my first day of my internship today, and I walked in expecting to […]

Welcome to NYC!

Before noon today I: Flew from North Carolina to NYC Moved into my NYU dorm and unpacked Grocery shopped Wandered the city and got rained on (it was beautiful if not a bit damp) And only then did I sit down. I got here less than 5 hours ago and have been busy the whole […]

Research at Princeton Baby Lab

I started working at the Princeton Baby Lab as a freshman and have been met with this face every time I tell someone where I work: A lab for “baby” (aka, undergraduate) researchers? A lab where you experiment on babies? Is it safe? Do you do that Little Albert thing? The answer is most easily […]

Depression and Absences

Depression is rarely a valid excuse for an absence from class. Which is why in the past semester I had quite a few “colds” and “injuries” that needed immediate medical attention. While these medical issues were pressing enough to let me out of class, the fact that I couldn’t drag myself out of bed long […]

The Language of Academia

I have a southern accent. Fortunately (or unfortunately?) I am very good at getting rid of it. Around my northern college friends my accent disappears entirely, but not without an immense amount of effort. The first week of my freshman year was spent carefully managing the shape of my vowels, the length of my drawl, […]

Horses and Competition

Horse stables have a smell about them that nothing else can mimic. Slightly sweet from the hay, a dry dustiness from the arena, and a certain horse-iness that can’t be described. Its one of my favorite scents in the world. Nothing relaxes me more than stepping into a barn and spending time with horses. It […]

Immune Neglect and the New Year

I took two social psych classes this semester to test out some psychology fields that weren’t clinical. The problem that I’ve had with social is that there are so many problems and so few answers. I spent a semester studying how prejudice works and how it affects all of us, with very few solutions sat […]